Project funded by the European Union

Climate Change Strategy


The adoption of a national cross-sectoral Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan will enable Serbia to implement a comprehensive national strategic and legal framework for climate action (mitigation and adaptation) in compliance with international obligations and pledges on greenhouse gas mitigation (Paris Agreement and EU accession). The Republic of Serbia has been part of the (UNFCCC) since 2001 and the Kyoto Protocol since 2008. The Ministry Environmental Protection (MEP) is the national focal point for the implementation of the Convention and the Protocol.

The Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan will identify priority emissions reduction measures and define the responsible institutions for specific options together with timelines for implementation and overall financial resource requirements. The cost-effective greenhouse gases mitigation potential for Serbia will be identify and assess through the preparation of transparent scenarios. These will cover key economic sectors for the years 2020, 2025, 2030 and 2050. These scenarios will be mindful of the trajectory required to meet global targets out to 2070. The Strategy will also provide a framework for adaptation policy addressing the priority areas of agriculture, forestry and water management.

The Strategy will contribute to both Serbia achieving its climate change objectives as well as benefiting the Serbian economy. It will give clear guidance for future investors (infrastructure and development) as well as creating conditions for increased industrial and commercial competitiveness.