What is included in a Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan?


The Climate Change Strategy will establish the necessary strategic and policy framework for climate actions. This framework will also secure Serbia’s future obligations as a potential EU Member State and will have to be consistent with the EU 2030 Climate and Energy Framework and the Energy Union Strategy.


Scope of the Climate Change Strategy:

  • Background and need for a climate change strategy in Serbia,
  • Long term goals and objectives for the policies to be implemented,
  • Greenhouse gas mitigation: potentials and related impact,
  • Climate change adaptation: priorities and main measures,
  • Institutional framework and inter-ministerial cooperation,
  • Cost and benefits of the Strategy; finance for implementation,
  • Priorities for implementation initial phase (2020).


The Climate Change Action Plan will describe the short-term actions covering the first phase of the implementation of the Climate Change Strategy.

Scope of the Climate Change Action Plan:

  • Proposed policy measures per sector up to 2020 with outlook to 2030,
  • Required resources, including financing,
  • Actions to be carried out by public authorities and regulators,
  • Clear timelines and outcome indicators for these activities,
  • Type and frequency of activities to monitor progress.


During the development and drafting of the Climate Strategy and Action Plan, stakeholders will be consulted regularly. See How to Engage.