Project Climate Strategy and Action Plan

The ,,Climate Strategy and Action PlanProject is funded by the European Union through the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA funds). It will prepare a national cross-sectoral Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan. This will be coordinated by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The Strategy will establish both a strategic and policy framework for climate action in Serbia in compliance with international obligations and pledges on greenhouse gas mitigation (Paris Agreement and EU accession)





EU info centre, 15th of April, 2019

For the purposes of the future Climate Strategy and Action Plan, a strategic environmental impact assessment (SEA) is being prepared, based on the Decision published in the Official Gazette of RS No. 62/18.

During the preparatory phase, in accordance with the EU good practice and on the basis of the results from the project, a draft “Scoping Report” was prepared, which represents the basis for the Strategic Assessment Report.

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The project convened a Technical working group session on the 20th of December 2018. The meeting was participated by more than 80 stakeholders from the public administration, public and private enterprises, academia, NGOs and international partners.

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Radisson Collection Old Mill hotel Beograd, 20.12.2018.


The Adaptation Planning Framework (APF) is a step by step tool designed to be used by anyone promoting an initiative, be it a policy, a program, a plan, a project or an activity, be it public or private. The APF centres around the assessment of risks from climate change and related extreme weather impacts, and identifying and prioritising adaptation options to reduce the severity of key risk. The APF is composed with a set of guiding questions for each step to support the user moving forward in the three stages: frame, assess and plan.

Climate Change Strategy

The adoption of a national cross-sectoral Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan will enable Serbia to implement a comprehensive national strategic and legal framework for climate action (mitigation and adaptation) in compliance with international obligations and pledges on greenhouse gas mitigation (Paris Agreement and EU accession).


The Climate Change Strategy will be prepared in consultation with relevant stakeholders, including governmental institutions, industry, local communities, academics and NGOs. The inputs of stakeholders will lead to a richer strategy which is relevant to Serbian circumstances and appropriate solutions.

Weighing of the social, economic and environmental impacts of the mitigation scenarios

The Climate Strategy and Action Plan project has defined and assessed four GHG emissions mitigation scenarios.

A brief summary of the mitigation scenarios and the indicators for the respective key social, economic and environmental impacts is in Accompanying Document at this link.

Based on the information included in this Accompanying Document sending respond to the questionnaire was till the 17th of May.

Please note that the indicators in the accompanying document are preliminary, as their respective discussion in the project working group has not been finalized.

The answers to this questionnaire will support the MEP in the preparation of the Climate Strategy and Action Plan.